The SideClops side light was designed to get supplement light in to the mid and lower canopy for fruiting and flowering plants.  Its form factor was designed with versatility in mind.


The SideClops thin profile makes it easier to move around lights and maximize more space for plants.  Solid construction and patent pending form factor with venting holes allow air to pass behind to passively cool the unit without fans.


Mounting includes screwing to side walls, hanging from tent bars, hanging back to back from unistrut in aisles, etc.


Whether it's irrigation issues, accidental hose spray, or foliar over-spraying, the LED lenses help keep water off of LEDs letting you have piece of mind that your investment in lighting is safe.  Optics on lenses are 60 degrees help keep light in the desired area.


LED spectrum tuned for maximum flowering/fruiting for canopy penetration .  3000K LEDs have high levels of green which have been shown to penetrate deeper through canopys.  High levels of red in the white LEDs plus 660nm chips provide efficient red for photosynthesis.


Maximize your performance and get maximum growth with SideClops.


1 SideClops Light:


  • 3000K LEDS: 192 Samsung LM301B LEDs
  • 660nm LEDs: 6 Samsung LH351H Deep Red V2 LEDs
  • Top, bottom, or side cable exit.
  • Surface mounting: Multi-purpose screws included.
  • Hanging mounting:  Not included.  Order separately.


Power Supply Options:


  • External Driver:
    • 110VAC-240VAC Meanwell Driver
    • Standard 120V 5-15P Plug
    • Good for hanging tents or wall-mount in buildings
    • Non-Dimmable
    • Driver waterproof has waterpoof body.  AC and DC plug not waterproof
    • 1ft DC Cable
    • 5ft AC Cable


  • Junction Box Driver:
    • For professional install only
    • 110VAC-277VAC Driver
    • Upper 1/2" conduit input/output holes for AC wires
    • Lower 1/2" coduit input/output holes for 0-10V dimming
    • Dimmable if external 0-10V dimmer hooked up
    • No AC input wires.
    • 6in DC output cable



  • Input Voltage 110-240VAC
    Input Watts 93W
    Power Factor > 90%
    PPF  μmol/s
    Efficacy  μmol/J
    Spectrum 30R

    External Supply: Non-Dimmable

    Junction Box Supply: 0-10V Dimmable

    Thermals Passive
    Beam Angle 60°


    Dimensions 33 1/2" x 4" x 1/2"

    1.8lbs Light

    1.8lbs External Supply

    2.5lbs Junction Box Supply

    Mounting Height ≥ 2"
    Cord Length 9 Ft
    Certification UL1310 Class 2
    IP Rating IP65 (AT LIGHT)
    Warranty 3 Year Standard


    Volts 110V 120V 208V 240V
    Amps .85 .78 .45 .39