The HAMR+ is a 240W high performance horticulture lighting module.  Featuring high efficiency Samsung LM301B white diodes and Samsung LH351H Deep Red V2 LEDs sealed in waterproof optics with a solid aluminum heatsink with rugged white powder finish.  Standard with the FSR35 full spectrum white plus 660nm Red for a balanced white spectrum plus deep red for all around growing of various crop types.


Dual 60 degree optics keep light focused on plant canopy for high PPFD and better canopy penetration.  Third row of diffused light with red pump.  Optics and angle adjustable mounting bracket allows growers to keep beam on plants off of floors, walkways, and wall losses from inefficient wall bounce or transparent greenhouses.


The HAMR+ is a modular series meaning you can scale up and scale down and reconfigure your lighting setups for versatility including interchanging with HAMR.  Module also includes hanging cables.  Comes ready to hook up with standard 0-10V dimming protocol or our accessory dimmer.


The HAMR+ comes standard with hanging cables and angle adjustable mounting brackets.  Great for vegging a 4'x4' tray, vegging or flowering a 2'x4' tent, filling in deadspots in awkward shaped rooms, supplemental greenhouse, or even side wall mounting and angling for side lights.


We recommend a minimum 18" mounting height for most growers. 


Other optic angles and spectrums available in volume.




Qty 1: 240W HAMR+ Series Lights

Qty 1: Hanging Cables

Qty 1: Adjustable Mounting Brackets


Comes standard with waterproof connectors to hook in to waterproof harness sold separately.  Order with an AC plug to use standalone.


Data Sheet


  • Input Voltage 100-277VAC
    Input Watts 240W
    Power Factor

    > 90%

    PPF 576 μmol/s
    Efficacy 2.4 μmol/J
    Spectrum FS40
    Dimming 0-10V
    Thermals Passive
    Beam Angle 60°
    Housing Color


    Dimensions 45.7" x 6.7"
    Weight 9.6 lbs
    Mounting Height ≥ 18"
    Cord Length 6 Ft
    IP Rating IP65
    Warranty 3 Year Standard


    Volts 120V 208V 240V 277V
    Amps 2.0 1.16 1.0 .87